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So fresh and as sexy as they come, Adrianna Luna has just surpassed her first full year in the adult industry.  And in this day and age that’s a feat in itself.

The beautiful Mexican/Filipina sex kitten, with milky smooth skin, plump lips and an amazing rack, has been all over some of the hottest video releases that the world of smut has too offer. Growing bored of the daily grind, Adrianna started looking for a job that she would actually enjoy yet found herself with a promising career in porn.  Smutlife recently got the chance to sit down and talk with OUR hottest little X-Rated Rookie in porn and what she’s been up to.


Interview by the ProPerv | Smutlife


SL: You just had your one-year anniversary in the industry, how has your life changed being in the business?


AL: It’s been great. I consider myself lucky to be doing a job I really enjoy doing. I’ve been having a really great time. I meet a lot of people and work for a lot of really cool companies. It’s not something I saw myself doing, but I’m having such a great time with it.


SL: How did you get started in the industry?


AL: It’s kind of a funny story actually. I kinda got in on a whim from one of my girlfriends. I had a job right out of college in an office, and I found myself very stuck in a place because it was safe. I found myself very bored and trying to find something to do that I was passionate about. She thought this was a good thing for me to do because I had a lot of flexibility with it.


SL: What do you do with your free time?


AL: I have always had a big liking for fitness, so in my free time I do a lot of crossfits and also train in MMA.


SL: What exactly is crossfit?


AL: Crossfit is a mix of Olympic style lifting, gymnastics and high intensity cardio.


SL: That would explain your amazing body. What kind of martial arts do you practice?


AL: I started out doing muay thai, but I’ve recently started incorporating grappling into my routine.


SL: Do you have plans to start doing competitive fighting or is this just a personal thing?


AL: You know I have had some experience in some muay thai fights and I tried grappling a few months ago, but I don’t feel ready to do a fight in the ring yet. I could see myself doing it in the future, but now it’s just competitions in cross fit.


SL: You’re extremely sexy and talk dirty a lot in your scenes, any chance you would get into any rougher stuff like Kink.com?


AL: I have worked for Kink! That was a lot of fun and def. something I see as a challenge. I enjoy it rough, so it’s kinda cool to see how far you can push that line between pleasure and pain.


SL: Do you like to be a sub or a dom?


AL: I’m a total sub.


SL: Is there anything that crosses your line in the BDSM world yet?


AL: You know, I haven’t done any of the electric play yet. I’ve been too scared too. I’m serious! (Laughs)


SL: You say “yet”, so you’re entertaining the idea then?


AL: For sure! I’m just too chicken yet (laughs)


SL: What new work do you have coming out?


AL: I have two movies that just came out, “Big Boob Orgy” by 3rd Degree/Zero Tolerance, and, “The Real Workout”. I really like that one because it’s a workout type video and you get to see some of my moves (laughs). And next week I have a video for Evil Angel coming out that I got the box cover for called, “Angels of Debauchery 9”. My fans will really like that one; it’s really dirty, raw and rough.


SL: What has been the biggest difference between you first scene, and your most recent scene?


AL: I am def. a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. I remember my first scene I was just totally lost. I didn’t really know how to talk dirty or feel very comfortable. Now I feel a lot sexier, a lot more vocal and know how to be a lot sloppier.


SL: Do you have any idea, or plans, for where you want your career to go?


AL: This year has already been great. I’ve grown a lot more with my fans thanks to social media. I have a Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. It’s all about getting my name out there and more exposure. I just want to continue what I’m doing and build towards a brand.


SL: Do you like the direct access to your fans with social media?


AL: I do. It;s really cool to get a lot of their feedback. They see what I do in my personal life and comment on it and tell me personal stories how I have motivated them or inspired them.


To find out more about what Adrianna is up to, check her out on her social media sites.

Twitter- https://twitter.com/#!/AdriannaLunaxxx

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/TheAdriannaLuna

Tumblr- http://adriannalunax.tumblr.com/


Also, follow the THEPROPERV: @TheProPerv

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