Ms. Bailey Jay

Words & Interview by Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

Bailey Jay is the most sought-after tranny in porn today. While doing mostly TS films, she has been spotted working for several companies that are better known for producing straight porn. Bailey is all about breaking down walls; she carries a banner of tolerance with her. She is not limited to fetish genres and specialties. This spritely, petite sex-bomb is working her way towards more mainstream acknowledgment with every new feature she is in. She has worked extensively with porn legend (and all-around derelict) Joey Silvera in a few of his transgender films and is blazing a trail through her work. Be careful boys: if you’re not paying attention you just might forget who you’re watching (and you’ll probably like it)…

SL: You’re really starting to get noticed out there. For those who haven’t heard of you yet, give us a little background information.

BJ: I’m 21, and I am becoming the number one girl in the industry as far as transsexuals are concerned. I’m little, girly, and have a girly voice. I started when I was 19 and this is the first year I’ve started doing hardcore with transsexuals and genetic females. I’ve only done a handful of scenes, so I’m still a “starlet.” I’ve already gotten on Playboy Radio and all that good stuff. I think it’s kind of pissed some of the other transsexuals off because they’ve done so many scenes; they’ve really worked their asses off and they don’t get as much notoriety as I have already. Because of how passable I am, I kind of get away with murder (laughs). I guess that’s kind of the way it goes. I get straight guys. In fact, a number of people canceled their subscriptions to Brazzers and came over to my site. It’s pretty funny stuff. I guess girls with vagina’s just isn’t kinky enough for them anymore…

SL: I guess you get to a certain point where you get so warped you’ll look for anything new.

BJ: It seems.

SL: Your star is rising pretty fast, it must be kind of a whirlwind for you.

BJ: Definitely. I’m from Richmond, Virginia. I grew up in farm-town.

SL: So how did you go from rural Virginia to porn?

BJ: I think MySpace, actually. I had a profile on there and I was listed as ‘male,’ but obviously I had my picture on there. A guy from one of the groupie sites was like; ‘please tell me you’re not a transsexual’ and I was like ‘Yes, I’m a transsexual.’ He couldn’t believe it; he figured he had found a cash-cow. He told me to come in and take some pictures and videos. I was like ‘Oh my God, someone thinks I’m pretty!’ so I jumped right on it. That led to a lot of connections and now I’m doing stuff for Evil Angel.

SL: The rules for porn fans are like the rules in Ghostbusters: dudes don’t like to cross the streams. In other words straight guys will only admit to liking straight porn and so on. Why is it, do you think, that you’ve had so much crossover success?

BJ: I think it’s because I look like some of the prettier models; the genetic female models. Porn’s awesome, but it tends to be geared more towards bigger chicks right now. I look more like the older starlets. I have a smaller frame; I look more like a Sasha Grey type rather than a big-haired, super-tits, humongous-ass’d porn star. I think I appeal as more of a slutty, innocent kind of girl. I’m like a smaller, more approachable girl. My ass and lips aren’t all pumped up with silicone. I’m like the girl next door.

SL: With an extra surprise…

BJ: Definitely (laughs).

SL: What kind of adversity or opposition have you encountered in the industry?

BJ: The only preconceived notions I’ve really noticed usually come from other girls. A lot of them are escorts, which is cool. I’ve never escorted. Escorting is very prominent in this business. I think, being a transsexual, it’s almost assumed that you have to be an escort. It’s like a rite of passage. I’m just not an escort. I don’t have anything against at all. That’s really the only thing: people assume you’re an escort. People also assume I’ve done hormones my whole life; they thought I started estrogen at like 11 or whatever. I only started hormone therapy a couple of years ago and I don’t even take my medicine. I just never needed it. I just really lucked out genetically: I look and sound just like a girl for no apparent reason.

SL: Do you think you are one of those people who were born into the wrong body?

BJ: Yes. I’m actually going to see a doctor about a chromosome test to see if I was a hermaphrodite or something.

SL: Do you work with both men and women?

BJ: Actually, most of the scenes I do are with other TS’s. I’ve done a few with my neighbor just because he’s a friend.

SL: Do you have a preference?

BJ: On camera I definitely enjoy TS. It’s so few and far between to find really good transsexuals, though. I do prefer to work with men. In my personal life I only date men because girls are crazy!

SL: Do you have any specific goals you wish to achieve in the adult industry? Do you put yourself out there as a representative for transsexuals?

BJ: I do have a lot of big plans. I’ve told a lot of people: I’m not doing this for coke money; I’m doing this because I was raised incredibly poor and this is kind of my meal-ticket. And I’m having fun while I’m doing it. I definitely want to set a different tone; I want to make it known to most people that I’m not an escort. Every girl that comes into the industry thinks it’s a rule; that they have to be an escort. I try to tell as many girls as I can not to sign with these douche bag companies and not to sign their lives away for no reason. I think you get a different level of respect once you can get that crossover work. When I first came into the industry people who were trying to keep me only in the tranny category always said things like ‘I know you think you’re cute but it’s only because you haven’t met the other girls,’ or ‘you may be the cutest one in Virginia but not in L.A.’ They used to only keep me on the tranny websites and then I broke out. I started making really good money and I love it. I’m having a great time. People will call me a whore and tell me I am degrading myself. I ask them why they can degrade me by calling me names and I can’t even have the freedom to degrade myself? It’s laughable. There is stuff way worse than doing porn.

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