Madelyn Marie is destroying the stereotypes

Words & Interview by Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

Madelyn Marie is fucking gorgeous. Like, Supermodel gorgeous. It’s that simple. She’s got that long, lean body that is all clean lines and sleek design. Legs for days and god damn if she don’t look hot in a pair of thigh-high, black leather boots. She’s a beauty, but don’t think she’s delicate. This girl can get as rough and filthy as you could want. Smoky, dark eyes; dark hair and a naturally sensual, dynamic performer, Madelyn is far from typical in many aspects. She is smart, and not just “smart for a porn star” smart. She’s medical school smart. And, as Smutlife found out (on a Friday the 13th, no less. How appropriate), she is far from the typical interview subject.

SL: I hate this question, but it’s kind of mandatory: how did you get in the business?

MM: Revenge…

SL: Revenge? Wow. Wasn’t expecting that answer. I think I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve had that answer to that question. Do tell.

MM: (Laughs) I had been dating a doctor for five years and I was getting ready to move to Miami to be with him and finish grad school there and then he started having sex with a porn star. So, I thought to myself; ‘I had been such a great girlfriend for all of those years… I think I’m going to pick the adult industry as a career.” So I did and within about three months, while he still thinks the relationship is going strong, (I’m in LA while he thinks I’m in upstate New York) I text him ‘Madelyn Marie‘ and that’s really all she wrote. I got a really nasty phone call from him and haven’t spoken to him since. I was pretty proud of myself at the time and I don’t regret it one bit! Though, I probably wouldn’t tell other girls it’s the best way for them to get in the business. I am very, very grateful for everything that’s come to me in the adult industry so far, but not everyone’s that lucky so I tell other girls; ‘don’t get into it for stupid reasons.’

SL: He must have lost his shit when he found out.

MM: He was very upset. To this day he still is; I get emails from him constantly, but what are you going to do?

SL: I think that has to rank up there with the best “how I got into porn” stories ever.

MM: The funny thing is: we had dated for five years and I lost my virginity to him in January of the year I got into the business. I was almost 21 and that New Year’s Eve I lost my virginity to him. So, for years he never did anything and was very respectful of the fact that I wanted to wait. And then the second person I ever had sex with was on camera! That’s what got him.

SL: So now you’re in the industry, in fact this is your 2 year anniversary. What happens when you retire?

MM: I have a year and a half left of medical school and then I start the fun, torturous hours of residency and then fellowship. More than likely, due to the fact that my name is out there and my face is out there and it’s not hard to notice who I am, I will go into non-profit work; either working with local communities or working with non-profits such as AIM (the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation). I doubt I’ll go and have a family practice or anything specific like that, due to the path I have walked so far. I want to work for people who are grateful to have a doctor; where it’s not all about insurance companies and all that. I would love to work with something like AIM, where I could really relate to my patients. I’ve been there; I’ve dealt with that. You don’t feel like you’re talking to anyone who is extremely judgmental because anyone who is in the adult industry has no right to judge.

SL: As someone who has fought major battles with the current US healthcare system, I have to applaud that.

MM: There are so many people that need affordable or free health care. It’s unbelievable how many people don’t have health coverage because they can’t afford it. They are giving perks for physicians who do things like Doctors Without Borders; they help with student loans and stuff. The government is working with those physicians who decide to work for the state and work for non-profits which is very nice. Universal health care; a plan that is truly universal for everyone, would almost be like a dream come true. Probably not for most physicians that are cash-based or insurance based, but if you’re in the medical profession for money then you’re in it for the wrong reasons. I think that we should have affordable health care; I think that we should all be on one school system. I think if someone from the UK travels here they should be completely covered and if someone from the US travels there they should be completely covered as well. Why can’t we come together with all our resources and help one another? Why can’t we have a sort of UN for medicine?

SL: The two things that will most benefit a society are health and education, and yet these are the two most expensive and often difficult things to get in the US.

MM: I completely agree. It’s very sad; all you can have is hope. You can’t save the world, but you can save a few. When I was young I was kind of rebellious and I ran away a lot. One time I somehow got myself on a plane to South Africa, of all places. I was 14 and once I got there I called my mom and told her where I was. Her response was; ‘being that you ran away, we do have to treat this as a punishable situation. So, what you’re going to do is work in an orphanage that was founded for children with AIDS. You’re going to work there for six weeks and at the end of your stint there I’ll let you go work at a safari.’ So they set everything up and after doing it I knew exactly what I wanted to do: to be in medicine, to work non-profit and to be involved in my community. I was a spoiled brat and had everything I ever wanted… I was that kind of kid. Coming back from that situation, I was 15 by that time; I dropped right out of school and became home-schooled so I could be on a fast-track program with my education. I also focused every other moment outside my education on my community. Whatever I could do to help out: Meals on Wheels, Boys’ and Girls’ clubs… anything I could do. I saw a lot of bad, but I also saw a lot of good. It’s all about community, and I try to pass that on to other girls in the industry. There is always something you can do to help someone.

SL: You are really shattering the supposed stigma of being a porn star here.

MM: When I first started, I was always preaching education to the girls I met. After months and months of getting nowhere, I kind of gave up. But there are definitely a lot of girls in this industry who have good heads on their shoulders. Kayden Kross; I haven’t really had a chance to get to know her, but just reading her Tweets you can tell she is intellectually amazing. Stormy Daniels is the same way. There are some amazing women in this business and if they can keep pushing forward I think maybe things will change with how people think of us.

SL: I guess at some point I need to bring this interview around to sex. How do you get yourself inspired to do a scene?

MM: The moment I get into the makeup chair and they put my fake lashes on I become Madelyn Marie. It’s kind of hard for me to go from who I am in the real world to Madelyn Marie, so I made up this whole thing in my mind and the moment those fake eyelashes are on I’m Madelyn. Then I just go from there. I don’t work with anyone I don’t have chemistry with, so I think that really comes across in my scenes. I go in pumped up the moment I get my lashes on I’m all about it.

Check out the first American Bluebird contract girl Madelyn Marie at and join her for a chat at BabeShows. Madelyn appears in the Dark Knight parody Batfucks and the upcoming parody of Blade Runner called Babe Runner. You can also find her on Twitter.

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