Jayme Langford

By Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

Jayme Langford is not your typical porn star. She looks more like a supermodel than a superslut with her delicate features and shy demeanor.  Make no mistake though: this angelic-looking enchantress is pure fire on camera. She aspires to finish college and focus on a career in medicine, specifically orthopedic surgery. When she’s not lighting up the screen in scenes with beautiful women she is busy rocking out with Pajamaband, a group she formed with fellow actress Jana Jordan that has been creating quite a buzz in and around the Hollywood area. I got a chance to catch up with Jayme during a long drive through California and we discussed one of my favorite topics: the immortal GG Allin.

Medical school, huh? I read that you were looking to become a plastic surgeon at some point?

JL: Yeah, I have a year left on my Bachelor’s degree. I think maybe orthopedic surgery now. There’s just too many plastic surgeons. In orthopedics you don’t have to interact with people as much. They come in, we do the surgery and that’s it. Not that I don’t like people, orthopedic surgery is more to the point, I guess.

What do you do outside of making films?

JL: I’m really into making the music now. I’m taking a leave of absence from school. I have a studio behind my house. I spend a lot of time there; I want to spend even more time in there. I don’t really get out much because I’m so busy.

What does Pajamaband sound like?

JL: It’s rock. It’s a three-piece girl-rock band. The three of us are models. Our drummer is almost 9 months pregnant now. I did play the guitar and sing, now I play bass. I’m learning these vocals kind of as I go along

What kind of stuff are you influenced by; what do you listen to?

JL: Right now I’m listening to Elliot Smith. I used to be a big Marilyn Manson fan; I like a lot of 80s rock like Scorpions. My favorite band is Clutch.


JL: Oh, you’ve heard of them?

Of course. I’ve seen them a bunch of times years ago.

JL: I guess Pajamaband is kind of Punk; I don’t really listen to a lot of Punk Rock but I am a big GG Allin fan. When people ask us what we sound like we usually say My Little Pony meets GG Allin. We cover the song “Don’t talk to Me.” I like anything that’s really extreme.

Have you guys played out a lot?

JL: We’ve done some shows around Hollywood; hopefully we’ll keep playing more. Jana can’t play for two weeks so she’s going to get induced so we can start playing again. I write a lot; I need to record more. It’s really annoying to record because there are just so many songs and some of them I wrote so long ago that I’m sick of them! The last thing I want to do is sit in the studio for two days and try to get it recorded. The studio is all mic-ed up again now. I like doing just live recordings and not really changing much. I think it sounds really good.

What kind of reactions have you gotten so far?

JL: Our stuff is pretty likeable. People just kind of like it.

Do you have any trouble being taken seriously as a band because you’re in porn?
I don’t really want anyone to take me seriously; I didn’t have time to sit in my bedroom and play the guitar for 10 years so it’s not really technical and I don’t really care. Everyone who hears us, they never expect us to be even as good as we are. I don’t know what they are expecting. To me it sounds like what we look like.

Where can all your finds find out more about Pajamaband, as well as follow your film career?

JL: I’m always on Twitter: http://twitter.com/JaymeLangford1 and for Pajamaband: http://twitter.com/Pajamaband

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