British Bombshell Tanya Tate

Interview by Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

There is really only one word to describe the voluptuous Ms. Tanya Tate: bombshell. This buxom British beauty is built like a vision and is twice as devastating. Blonde, brazen and adventurous, she is known as an incendiary, demanding performer whose endurance is only outmatched by her intensity. It’s no accident that she’s nicknamed TNT. This charming import has been heating up the screen for, Reality and a host of other sites. 2010 sees the lovely Liverpudlian hard at work on a number of new and exciting projects. I was lucky enough to chat with the endearing Ms. Tate and she was so bubbly and kind it was almost hard to imagine her doing such filthy, filthy things. And that accent…

tanya_tate_purpleSo tell us how you got into the business.

TT: Around the summer of 2008 I was working in an office doing admin work and I was really bored. I was hanging out with a guy who liked adult movies and I watched with him. I started looking at them and thinking “Yeah, I could do that…” I did some research, looked in trade magazines and I thought; “OK, I’m going to do this.” It was a big decision. I knew that once I signed the model release forms there would be no turning back. I had some professional pictures taken and I sent a very nice email with the pictures to some of the UK companies and they liked me and asked me to come to London and shoot for them.

Once you made the decision to go ahead and do it did you find it difficult to shoot that very first scene?

TT: The first scene I did I was playing “Sue,” a bored housewife. The story is I applied to go on a documentary and have a camera crew come in and film me having sex. My husband was “Jasper” who was an art dealer and he was always away working and so I had a bit of a thing going on with the young, well-endowed gardener-stroke-handyman. So we set it up where the cameras could come in and we are all ready to go and I was feeling a bit nervous. The guy turns up and he’s like really tall and really cute. They had warned me that he was well-endowed, but when I saw it I was like “Oh… my… God!” It was so big; it looked like one of those toys. It just didn’t look real! But the guy was real sweet. We did the scene and it was really nice and eventually I got over my nerves and I really enjoyed it. His name was Danny Dong…

What are the differences making movies in LA as opposed to the UK?

TT: In England it’s a lot smaller; most of the production companies are based in London and they don’t shoot every day. You come across to LA and there are so many production companies; big ones, small ones… England is a little tiny version of LA. It’s similar, just on a smaller scale.

You’re known for bringing a lot of energy to your scenes, how much of that is really you? Or is it an act? Please tell us it’s not an act!

TT: (laughing) No! It’s not an act! I get to work with a lot of really cool production companies and dress up in some really hot, sexy clothing; get lovely hair and makeup… how could a girl not feel sexy when she’s dressed and all ready to go and the talent walks in and you’re like… yeah! Turn the camera on and it’s like go, go, go! It depends on the mood and it depends on what the director wants and it depends on the talent is well. But I work out; I’ve got energy so if you’re going to put a camera on me I’m going to have some fun. I do try to give it my all in every scene. At the end of the day, if you’re doing a job and you don’t enjoy it, why are you still doing it? If you make a career out of sex you really should enjoy every minute of it!

Is there anything you won’t do in a scene?

TT: I like boy/girl sex, boy/boy/girl, girl/girl… I love it all. At the moment I’m not doing anal and I’m not into interracial. It’s not that I’m against it; I’m just enjoying what I’m doing at the moment. Maybe at a later date…

TanyaTate34What do you do when you are not filming?

TT: I don’t really get much time off. If I’m not making movies I spend a lot of my time on the computer. I like to do a lot of blogging. I’m on the forums; I’m on Twitter. I like to keep in touch with my fans, let them know what I’m up to and give them more of an insight into my life. When I do manage to drag myself away from the computer I like to do girl stuff: I like to be pampered, get a facial. I like to look after myself and get my hair and nails done. I need to look good for my fans. I like to work out so I do go the gym a lot, try to keep my body looking good for the camera. I also like to go shopping; shoes, lingerie. I love lingerie. My fans will send me gifts in the post and the other day I got some gorgeous, sexy lingerie. Unfortunately right now it’s over in the UK and I’m here in the States! I can’t wait to see it; my friend took a picture of it for me. It’s like a garter and a little thong and a sexy bra. I’m looking forward to wearing it. Since I’ve been in LA my publicist from Star Factory Entertainment has taken me to all these parties in Hollywood and a few nightclubs. It’s been really fun.

What were you like as a kid?

TT: I definitely wasn’t shy. When I was a kid my mum used to say if she couldn’t find where I was she’d just open the door and listen for my voice because I was always the loudest. I was always on my bike or my roller skates. I was one of those loud kids that would just do anything. I enjoyed school but I was always the one who got in trouble for talking in class. I always used to get me work done, though. I could multi-task very well. I’ve always been quite outgoing; the one to do all the daring stuff.

Do you have any plans for what you want to do after adult?

TT: I haven’t really looked that far forward yet. I enjoy being in the adult industry. I’m having so much fun; I can’t imagine what it would be like to not do this.

How cool was it to win the SHAFTA awards?

TT: Oh, it’s so great! I was nominated for MILF of The Year and Best Sex Scene and I was so excited to be nominated because it was my very first nomination. I was Twittering and emailing and blogging to all my fans “Please vote for me!” Basically my fans all voted for me and that’s how I won. It’s been a really good year. That was organized by Television X, one of the UK companies. I’m working a lot with them at the moment.

What do you have coming up in the future?

TT: I’m in LA at the moment shooting with some of the big production companies over here. There’s going to be quite a lot of stuff coming out on the internet. I’m going to have more DVDs coming soon also. At the end of last year I took a camera crew to Ireland and I went round on my motorbike and the crew followed in a Winnebago. I got to meet all my Irish fans and that was really cool. And obviously they were coming inside my caravan and making my camper rock! That’s going to be airing soon on Television X in April and May and then the DVD will be coming out; it’s called The Tanya Tate Sex Tour of Ireland. I also have my own casting couch as well. For all the guys who come up to me and say “Oh, Tanya, I’d be really good at being a porn star:” go onto my blog and have a little look and apply for my casting couch. They can apply by email and if I decide on them they can come down and shoot with me and basically I try them out on camera. If there are any fans out there who think that they actually could really become a porn star then check out my blog and fill out your application.

First they have to be able to hang with you, though.

TT: Exactly. Some of the guys I’ve met; they swear that they can do it and then they turn up and we’re like “OK, let’s go.” Sometimes it’s not all happening, you know? Sometimes the nervousness gets to them. But, on the other hand, I’ve met some really cool guys that have come down and wowed me.

tanya_bedIs it open to girls, too?

TT: Oh, it’s open to girls, too (giggling). I do like girls as well. I’ve just started shooting for Girlfriend Films, which is all girl/girl. That is so nice and sensual; I get to play with the girls and feel them and kiss them all over and basically make them come and let them make me come as well. I’m really enjoying doing a lot of girl/girl movies. There are going to be some really good movies that Girlfriend Films is doing with me. I’ve got a trip to Vegas coming up with them: I’m going to be one of the main characters in one of their movies. I’m looking forward to that.

What else?

TT: I’ve got my own girl/girl movies coming up. I’m going to Ibiza soon where I’ll be shooting a big high-end production movie. I’ll be going with nine of my friends and hanging out in a big villa with a pool and we’ll be getting up to all sorts of naughty lesbian sex there. I’m excited! I’m also going to be at Adult-Con on the 9th, 10th and 11th of April in downtown LA in the big Convention Center. It’ll be my first time. I’ll be making public appearances so it’ll be an ideal opportunity for my fans to come down and meet me; have some pictures taken with me and get some DVDs signed. It’s going to be fun and I’m hoping I’m going to meet a lot of my fans.

Where can your fans find you and keep up to date with what you’re doing?

TT: My website is, my blog (where my fans can read what I’m doing and make some comments if they so wish) is I’m also on Twitter at and fans can also find me on MySpace: It’s all fun.

Last words?

TT: I just want to say to all my fans: thank you so much for voting for me on my SHAFTA award and thank you for being fans; I really hope you’ll enjoy the movies and all my website stuff coming up. I’m going to make sure that I’m doing some really hot scenes for you!

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