How do we know that Breanne Benson is back in the mix? She told us so!

BreanneBPR1Interview by Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

Breanne Benson is a sleek kitten with a body built for sex and a perfectly dirty mind.  Her outlying sweetness gives no clue as to what a firebrand this Albanian-born harlot is on-screen: she is voracious. At first meeting she is angelic, coy and almost shy; a light laugh belies the utter abandon with which she performs and her energy is scorching (and that body is frigging amazing, too). After a brief stint with retirement Breanne decide to return to Adult and her return is nothing short of amazing. She’s finally gone to the other side and has done some boy/girl scenes (after a few years of girl/girl action only) and the results are scorching. Now, with some new movies coming out for Digital Playground studios and a whole mess of perverted action for you derelicts to enjoy, Breanne is poised to explode all over the adult scene.

Give us a little background on yourself.

BB: I was born in Europe and I’ve been here for about 20 years. I got into the business after I met some people who were already in the industry. I kind of tagged along. My best friend at the time got into it first and it looked like fun, so I decided to try it. I started in 2003 and then retired at the end of 2004 and then came back in June of 2009.

What did you do after you left?

BB: I was dancing a lot, mostly in Vegas.

What do you do when you are not working?

BB: Well, I’ve been single for the past 6 months so I’ve been going out a lot! I just moved here (Los Angeles) from Orange County and I kind of wanted to start fresh and I’ve just been going out; checking out all the hot spots in Hollywood. I just recently got a personal trainer to help me tone up for the summer. I’m pretty normal: a typical day is either going out or staying at home watching movies or going shopping… nothing too crazy I guess.

What is life on the set like for you; any crazy stories?

BB: Nah, it’s all pretty random. Nothing too crazy has happened. When you’re doing orgy scenes you are kind of all over the place: sometimes they have you have sex in the most awkward, uncomfortable places. Having sex on a rock with heels on is not as cool as it looks! The locations and the positions are the really crazy parts.

What is the direction in an orgy scene; do they just point the camera at a bunch of people and tell you to have at it? How much of it is choreographed and how much is spontaneous?

BB: It’s all choreographed. They tell you exactly what they want. They tell you the positions; say if it’s three girls and three guys they tell you “OK, first position with her, then you move over here and do this with her…” They take the stills first and then once the camera starts rolling you have to try to remember what you did first and what order the positions were in and then switch it all up. Sometimes you forget because you are so in the moment. They are all pretty much choreographed.

BreanneBenson4PRWhat’s the best thing about an orgy scene?

BB: Orgies are great but there is less fucking and that is kind of a bummer, especially when there is like three girls and one guy. He gets to fuck all of them, but the girls are not constantly having sex. I mean, yeah, the girls are going down on each other, but it’s not like having sex. It’s different than a one-on-one; not as much constant action.

Is there stuff you absolutely will not do on camera?

BB: Usually the guys will ask you what they can and cannot do. They’ll ask me what I like. I usually tell them to be as rough as they want; feel free to slap me, choke me, spit on me… it doesn’t matter. But my hair… as much as I like getting it pulled… don’t fucking pull my extensions out! That’s pretty much my only rule. Or, if you do, make sure you pull from the top part and not the bottom where all the extensions are because it hurts like a bitch!

What about a gangbang?

BB: No, no gangbangs. I still haven’t even done a scene with just me and two guys yet. I’m all down for the orgies; I’ve done a few bondage scenes that were pretty wild…

Sub or dom?

BB: I prefer to be dominated. It’s just what I dig, but it depends on the guys and the chemistry and stuff.

Any trepidation about doing boy/girl scenes?

BB: I was kind of nervous because I had been doing girl/girl scenes for so long. I just wanted to try it out, so I told my agent to set up 10 guys and I would try them out and see if it was something that I really wanted to do. I get along pretty well with everyone, and everyone that I’ve worked with has been fantastic, so it’s been great. My first 6 months in the industry all I did were stills. I took baby-steps: I did pictures first, then solo stuff, then girl/girl. When I came back in June I only did girl/girl until October or November. I just wanted to get comfortable first. You get used to it and you make the next step. It was actually pretty easy.

Did you have a lot of support from friends and family?

BB: I hid it for a very long time from my family and when they found out they were very upset about it. Eventually they became cool with it. I have a lot more support now that I’ve come back than I did in the beginning. It’s weird.

Where can your fans find you?

BB: I am on Twitter: and Facebook under Breanne Benson. I reply to EVERYBODY! I’ve got some new stuff coming out for Digital Playground: Like Sister Like Slut is my newest one. You can check out some of my latest titles: A Girl A Boy And A Toy, We Live Together Vol. 12, Touch Of Gold Vol. 1, Creampied Cheerleaders. I’ll also be appearing at AdultCon.

Last words?

BB: I love my fans!

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